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Eye of the Beholder

I’d like to write more fiction. It is something I have always enjoyed and as I talked about last week, having more time to do the things I enjoy is something I am focusing on. So, I figured a good way to dust off the writing chops would be with a little fan fiction. 

If you want to jump right in, it’s located on the Shadowrun forums and is titled, “Eye of the Beholder.” 

For those of you not familiar with Shadowrun and would like a little background to make sense of things, a good resource is the Shadowrun Wiki. The setting for the game is basically a big mashup of cyberpunk and Tolkien-esque fantasy set about sixty years into the future after magic has returned to the world. It sounds campy and ridiculous and in some ways it is, but like so many good settings it recognizes what it is and then goes on to become something that can tell stories that have quite a bit of depth. 

This story deals with an element of the setting that they are phasing out but still shows up in some of the official fiction. It’s called goblinization, and it’s when a human child has a sudden and dramatic transformation into another metahuman sub-species, most often an ork or troll. In the setting there is a lot of mistrust and hatred directed toward these two groups, even though they are neither inherently good nor bad. They just look quite a bit different than the average “normal” person, especially from our western standards of beauty. It is also an event that can sometimes tear a family apart if they cling to these old prejudices. It creates a “monster within” theme, with a twist that the real monsters are the “normal” people all around us. This story takes that theme and shows how, for one young girl, this phenomenon that most people fear, becomes her greatest gift. 

So, welcome to the first of my fan fiction and I hope you enjoy Eye of the Beholder

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