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Refining the Focus

First off, let me apologize to those of you who form the core of my humble readership. I have been on a bit of a hiatus for the last couple of weeks. My office is prepping for the start of school and it seems that this year there is even more work than normal. I am always excited about the possibilities that come with each new semester, but it’s a busy time. So I’m stepping back from the weekly posting until after school is underway in the fall.

However, I will not be idle during this time. In the last couple of months since I have started this website and blog I have explored a variety of topics. I would like to take the down time to try and narrow my focus. I am going to use it primarily as a means to share my fiction writing. Why? Because I have a whole lot of fun writing it.

I don’t intend to abandon the other areas of interest that I have been pursuing, but I will begin posting on Saturdays according to a monthly schedule that will look something like this:

Weeks 1 & 3: Personal/Fan Fiction
On the first and third week of the month I will post new fiction. This will start on September 5 with the first chapter of my Shadowrun fan fiction novel,  working title Iyanke. I will publish it as a serial, so you will get two chapters a month until it is finished. Since this is the first time I will have written a larger work of fiction, if something comes up that I find muse-worthy I will have a blog post that accompanies the chapter. Otherwise, I will just post the story for your enjoyment.

Week 2: Professional Blog Post
I will continue to write blog posts that relate to my experience as a creative services manager in the higher ed industry. By September I will have just come off a round of hiring for student positions, so expect something related to that process for the initial post.

Week 4: Personal Blog Post
This is where I will take some time to write about some of my personal endeavors, creative or otherwise. They will likely fall into three categories: music, health and wellness/fitness, and sustainability, as that is where much of my interest and free time seems to go these days. 

Week 5: Assorted Geekery
On months where there is a fifth Saturday, I’ll use that time to fill in the cracks. Maybe I’ll post a piece of fiction that exists outside of the regular serial, or I’ll put up a blog post that is really burning a hole in my keyboard. Sometimes I might post about something fun and geeky, but is generally off-topic from the rest of the blog. Or, on some months I’ll bring in a guest blogger. Week 5 will be open ended and bring a little variety.

So that will be the meat of the site and the blog. Expect a few other changes here and there as well, mostly with site structure, and maybe some aesthetics. So keep an eye out for this schedule to go into place and the first chapter of Iyanke, starting September 5.

Student Employment: Getting Hired

Larger Fan Fiction Project