0 to Artist

It has been a while since I have written anything here, so I would like to come back with a fresh concept and series of posts. As I have mentioned, I am a creative services manager, but I didn’t come from a design background. A little over a year ago, in an attempt to bridge the gap of those skills, I took a drawing class from the WSU Fine Arts department. I went into it without any real expectations of what I would get out of it. My main hope was just to be able to foster better communication with my designers and learn how to not stab myself with a pencil while trying to draw.

However, thanks to a great teacher, and the right set of life circumstances, I found that I love it. In many ways, drawing and art creates the same set of feelings that I get from playing music. There is the same reward of struggling and working to produce something coupled with the high that comes at the end when it is presented to others. I also found that by applying the basic principles I was learning in class I was starting to produce some drawings that weren’t a complete embarrassment to show to others. Ultimately, when the class ended, I wanted to do more and did a fair amount of drawing for a month or two on my own after the class was over.

I intended to take some additional classes on the subject, but the reality of finishing my master’s thesis project set in and drawing had to take a sideline for a while. Finally, in November, I completed the project and was awarded my degree at the end of the semester. Now the opportunity has come to revisit the pursuit of art and design.

To that end I am starting this new series, 0 to Artist. Here, I plan to document my path to learning art and design. My hope is that it will not only help my own learning process, but also help others who are interested in exploring new passions or skills to take the leap and just dive in. For the first part of the series, I am taking an intro to painting class and will try to document the experience and ask questions along the way. I’m already about six weeks in, so the first few posts will cover what has already happened, but I hope to be caught up soon and doing more of a regular update. I’ll also try to ask questions and get some feedback from anyone in the art community who’s out there.

So, to kick things off, let me give you a baseline of where I am at artistically. This is a quick photo of the final project from my intro to drawing class a little over a year ago. You can also see examples of my art on my Instagram account @tysonliv.