Childhood Map

We were asked to document our very first assignment, which was to draw a map that represented our childhood hometown. We had a single class period to create it, so it isn't any kind of artistic wonder, but I did attempt to put some process into the assignment.

I started by taking a boundary map of Olympia, WA, where I passed most of my formative years. Then I thought of various activities, people, and places that had an influence on me as a child. These ranged from family, church, and friends, to various aspects of the outdoors, trumpet, band, and several of my first jobs. I then marked them as geographic landmarks, placing the more important influences closer to the middle and giving them a larger geographic designation. I outlined all of the borders in marker and then filled in each section with colored pencil, rubbing it to give it a smoother texture.

FA 102Tyson LivingstonComment